Literacy Intervention

Literacy Intervention Programme

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To curb illiteracy among youngsters and reawaken reading culture among them through.


:  An open-to- all quiz competition and spelling bee.

Winners were rewarded with education aid materials such as laptop, dictionaries, scramble games, and scholarships


  • Healthy reading culture among secondary school students in Bekwarra L.G.A.


267 students from 28 Public Secondary schools in Bakwarra, Cross River State.


  • February 2015 – July 2015

Designed to curb illiteracy among youngsters and reawaken reading culture among them by rewarding winners with educational aid materials such as laptops, dictionaries, scramble games, and scholarships…Read More

To mobilise, engage and motivate low income women and Girls to lead change in their communities through education and engagement in economic activities.

Celebrate International women’s Day with Internally Displaced Women at Bakassi and give them sense of hope and belonging in the society.

Raising awareness on the activity of human traffickers and their mode of operation.

Demystification of the greener pastures theory.

Increase awareness among girls on how they can overcome challenges they face while also building self-confidence in them to be able to speak up when faced with challenges

Building business development capacity of wives of military and paramilitary agencies particularly in the agricultural and food production sector

Curb post harvest losses of wild captured fish by creating awareness on the availability of improved fish smoking technology

To drive the uptake of the improved smoking kiln technology in the creek community

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