Who we are

Founded in July 2015 and incorporated in July 2016,CLICE Foundation is a non-profit that provides social development interventions which focuses on capacity building, systems strengthening, economic empowerment and livelihood enhancement through community development projects for youths, women and girls, especially those in hard-to-reach communities in a bid to promote sustainable development. 

We provide social development interventions which focus on capacity building, systems strengthening, economic empowerment, livelihood enhancement and literacy intervention through advocacies to stakeholders and community development programmes for youths, women and girls especially those in hard-to-reach communities in a bid to promote sustainable development, we understand the place of capacity building as the most direct means of socio-economic development of a nation as it affects livelihood of individual households directly, knowing it is a very reliable strategy to create sustainable solutions for social protection and livelihood of the people  

CLICE Foundation has grown significantly in size, scope and breathe including the establishment of a robust community development arm of the organization as it continues to provide social interventions that originally motivated its establishment along with programmes focusing on holistic community growth and economic development for livelihood enhancement and social protection of the people with recent establishment of the CLICE Centre for Acceleration of Africa’s Resources. 

CLICE Foundation has  a well-organized governance structure. The Board of Trustees (BoT) is the highest governing body which plays supervisory role to the Executive Board; the Executive Board consists of the Executive Director, Creative Director, Director of Finance and Consultants.  Other Management include; the Human Resource Manager, Program Manager, Finance and Administration, Operations, and Support Staff -volunteers who double as field workers often gotten from host community of project implementation.


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Our Strategy


Needs based approach

 Beneficiaries are  given a range of options  to choose  solutions that would best meet their needs and position them for growth and development in a sustainable manner. 



Public Private Partnership

         We leverage the dynamic perspective of partners, skills, knowledge and expertise to jointly identify sustainable solutions to challenges that bedevil the livelihood of targeted demography.



Market Systems Development

We aim to reduce poverty by developing market systems so that they function more effectively, sustainably and
beneficially for poor people. 

Our Core Values

We do not compromise our image and reputation as we aspire to maintain standards in all our deliverables. 

We appreciate and value uniqueness and diversity therefore, we leverage on these to work with partners in implementing sustainable intervention programmes through partnership and constructive engagement with government and stakeholders knowing no single organization is well positioned to achieve it all, regardless of its human, material, and technological resources

We are obligated to take responsibility for every resource (human, financial and material resources) to efficiently achieve measurable results and give account to donors our partners. 

We embrace change; therefore we are open to innovative and creative ideas to develop sustainable solutions to problems 

Applying hands-on approach to designing sustainable interventions based on needs assessment of our demography.


Would you like to start a project with us?

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