The problems in Africa stem from a complicated mix of economic, environmental, social and cultural factors arising from lack of capacities and technical competence to integrate these factors into development strategies and social protection of the people.

Comfort Literacy Intervention & Capacity Enhancement (CLICE) Foundation was founded in July 2015 and incorporated in July 2016 to bridge these gaps through partnership and constructive engagements with other organizations, government and stakeholders as a mechanism for sustainable development

Our interventions focus on advocacies to stakeholders and community development programmes for youths, women and girls especially vulnerable persons in a bid to promote sustainable development.

As an organisation, we understand the place of capacity building and strengthening as the most direct means of socio-economic development of a nation and its effects on livelihood of individual households. It is a very reliable strategy to create sustainable solutions for social protection and livelihood of the people. 

CLICE Foundation has grown significantly in size and scope of operation since inception in 2015. Having undertaken numerous projects in all the geographical regions in Nigeria, both our client base and target beneficiaries have significantly increased. The foundation has also established a community development arm and the Centre for Acceleration of Africa’s Resources through which it continues to provide socioeconomic interventions that originally motivated its establishment.