About Us

Who We Are

Comfort Literacy Intervention & Capacity Enhancement (CLICE) Foundation is a registered nonprofit organization that provides social development interventions which focus on inclusive education, livelihood enhancement for low-income households, economic empowerment, Gender and Social Inclusion, capacity development and system strengthening, using the Market Systems Development Approach and the Private Sector Development Approach to achieve self-reliance and sustainable development in Africa. 

CLICE Foundation has over four years’ experience working in Nigeria. Leveraging our penetration capacity, knowledge of local communities and sector, we have implemented interventions across different thematic areas viz; Inclusive education, Livelihood/Economic Empowerment, Gender & Social Inclusion, Countering trafficking in persons, Corporate Sustainability, Policy & Advocacy.

As an organisation, we adopt a combination of approaches to address challenges and systemic constraints to problems within our thematic areas.

Multi-Sectoral Partnership Initiative (MSPI): We are open to partnership and collaboration with both the private sector and the Public Sector. This is based on the CLICE Foundation’s belief that Private Sector resources can be leveraged for accelerated impact and sustainable economic growth and development in Africa. We use both Human Rights Based and Need Based Approaches to advocacy.

We understand the place of capacity building and strengthening as the most direct means of socio-economic development of a nation and its impact on the livelihood of individual households. It is a very reliable strategy to create sustainable solutions for social protection, social justice and livelihood of the people.

Our specialized knowledge of Market Systems Development (MSD), gender mainstreaming, capacity to drive intervention and improve the overall enterprise performance through the use of the Donor Committee for Enterprise Development (DCED) Standard, guarantees Donor value for money.

Our vision

To create sustainable solutions that enhances the livelihood of the people.

Our Mission

Working with stakeholders to address challenges of livelihood for the vulnerable through homegrown strategies.

Core values

  • Integrity: We do not compromise our image and reputation as we aspire to maintain standard in all our interventions
  • Partnership and Collaboration: We appreciate the uniqueness of other organizations and believe every joint should supply its resources through partnership and collaboration for sustainable impact.
  • Accountability: We are obligated to take responsibility for every resource to efficiently achieve measurable results and give account to our donors and partners.
  • Creativity: We embrace change; therefore we are open to innovative and creative ideas to develop sustainable solutions to problems.
  • Pragmatism: We apply a hands-on approach to designing sustainable interventions based on needs assessment of our demography.

What We Do

Thematic Areas…Our interventions are constantly adapted to suit the context and present realities of our beneficiaries.

#1B Amaku Street, State Housing Estate, Calabar
+234 703 165 8559