Aim: To increase awareness among girls on how they can overcome  challenges they face while also

-Build self-confidence in girls to be able to speak up when faced with  challenges such as sexual harassment by teachers, parents or guidance and other forms of abuses (psychological) and these would have negative impact on their academic performance, thereby halting their progress   and -To promote girls empowerment as a fulfilment of their human right.

Provide Support system so that if they are abused, they will know who to call.


Visit to Secondary Schools to;

– Mobilise girls from  secondary schools (Ikeja Senior Grammer School, Ikeja Junior Grammer School and Ikeja junior College Oshodi-Lagos respectively).

-Deliver public lecture to the girls on how to address challenges that stalls their progress

-Carried out a survey to know the level of harassment among girls in public Secondary Schools and to know the culprits


  • Increased awareness among girls on how to address challenges that stalls their progress.
  • Established contacts for the girls to reach when faced with such challenges.

Duration/Implementing Partners

October 12, 2018 Sources Resources Consulting