CLICE Foundation is  committed to ensuring smallholder farmers, fishermen/women, smoking mammies access requisite resources for sustainable growth and development of their agricbusinesses. Rural population account for about 60% food supplies in Nigeria. Yet, a lot of farmers is rural communities grapple with challenges such as lack of access to appropriate technologies to reduce post harvest losses of their food crops and animals. This lack of access to appropriate technology have a far reaching implication not only on smallholder farmers. It does have a ripple effect on the livelihood and nutrition of the wider population in the peri-urban and urban communities respectively. The impact ranges from increase in food spoilage, malnutrition, lack of sustainable means of livelihood. To curb post-harvest losses of both crop and animals, primary producers needs access to appropriate technologies such as cold room storage, silos, smoking kilns, food processing equipment for value addition. We are open to partnership support for farmers in rural and peri-urban communities through our Rural Market Financing initiative.