The education goals for students who are visually impaired are the same for as those for all students. However, most visual impaired students in Africa do not have access materials that will enable them meet their personal needs and achieve their educational goals. On the 10th of April 2020, the African Student Association (ASA) Suffolk chapter in conjuction with CLICE Foundation will be organizing a dinner aimed at raising funds to support visual impaired students in Africa. Funds raised will be used to purchase both academic and personal items that will aid the visually impaired less dependent on thirty-parties, thus reducing the psychological and emotional devastation of both the dependent and the visual impaired students. We are open to both cash and in-kind donations for the visually impaired. Kindly fill the donation form on our website for cash donation or send an email to for details on how to make in-kind donations. In-kind donations include, but are not limited to; sanitary towels, clothing, lotion, etc. while their academic needs are; Cane, voice recorders, customized laptops, etc.