Comfort Literacy Intervention & Capacity Enhancement (CLICE) Foundation is a registered female/youth led nonprofit organization with over five years’ of experience in providing social development interventions which cuts across inclusive education, livelihood and economic empowerment for low-income households, Gender and Social Inclusion, capacity development and system strengthening, using the Market Systems Development Approach and the Private Sector Development Approach to achieve self-reliance and sustainable development in Africa.  Our goal is to achieve a better society through education, innovations and sustainable solutions where no one is left behind.


The focus of our interventions are on five key sectors through which impact is felt by our target demography and beneficiaries.


our approach

CLICE Foundation works with partners to co-create and implement social-economic development interventions aimed at addressing challenges to livelihood through multidimensional strategies. We are open to partnership and collaboration with both the private and public sector. We belief in leveraging resources from the Private Sector  for accelerated impact while driving inclusive economic growth and development in Africa.

With the new world order in mind, our digital transformation journey post the COVID-19 pandemic which exposed us to challenges we converted to opportunities to digitize our internal processes and leverage digital tools for service delivery to our beneficiaries. We are Agile and integrate Design Thinking into programme and interventions designs with the overall goal of  innovating new solutions to solve problems across our thematic areas to ensure we  accelerate impact, while also staying relevant in creating sustainable and inclusive solutions that impact the livelihood of people. CLICE Foundation is gradually becoming a technology and digitally inclusive driven organization with the recent unveiling of an incentivized agric-insurtech solution aimed at mitigating climate and agricultural risks that negatively impact the livelihood of both small and large scale commercial farmers as well as key actors in the agricultural value chain.

We pride ourselves in introducing the first Nigerian Agric-Insurtech solution, Izanu Africa


 We love the African proverbs that says, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” 
Your support and contributions are essential for the impact sustainability of our work.