Modern day slavery, human degradation and exploitation resulting in irregular migration of young people, women and girls for either sexual exploitation and or forced labour is common-sight in Nigeria due to poverty and unemployment. Both the low-income and elite class have resorted to irregular migration to search for “Greener Pastures” a phrase that has become bait in the hands of traffickers in recent times.Human trafficking is a global problem and no country is immune to it.

Trafficking of Persons and illegal migration remains a critical problem in Africa, especially Nigeria.
The motivating force behind these crimes is poverty; vulnerable persons such as women and girls are not the only target, but boys also fall victim to traffickers who belong to both small-scale, local enterprises with extensive criminal network and to a large scale multi-commodity businesses for purposes of sexual exploitation, forced labour, and organ harvesting as a result of their search for greener pastures.

CLICE Foundation constantly seeks ways to lend our voice in the fight against trafficking in persons and we continue to participate in the symposium and multi-stakeholder dialogue on demystifying the greener pasture myth held in commemoration of World Day Against Trafficking in Persons.
CLICE Foundation’s Director Mrs. Ibidolapo-Salako Akinyombo, cotinues to engage stakeholders and implementing partners towards collaborative advocacy while calling on the Government to End Human Trafficking.