The CLICE Foundation was  incorporated on the 4th of July, 2016 to bridge the most pressing social, economic, cultural, political, and environmental problems affecting the livelihoods of people through sustainable home-grown solutions, strategies, partnership and constructive engagements with critical stakeholders, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), governments and institutions with aligned goals in order to help communities achieve self-reliance across Africa.

The Clice foundation has over five years of experience working in Nigeria. We have successfully leveraged  our penetration capacity, and knowledge of local communities and sectors, to implement interventions across different thematic areas  such as  Livelihood Enhancement & Economic Development, Gender & Social Inclusion, Countering Trafficking in persons, Inclusive Education, Policy Advocacy, and Governance and Accountability (PAGA) as a cross-cutting area.

Our specialized knowledge of the Market Systems Development (MSD) and technical capacity to drive intervention and improve overall enterprise performance through the use of the Donor Committee for Enterprise Development (DCED) Standard, guarantees donors value for money.


An inclusive society where sustainable solutions are utilized to enhance livelihood.


Working with relevant stakeholders to co-create an inclusive society where sustainable solutions are utilized to enhance livelihood through multidimensional strategies.


We do not compromise our image and reputation as we aspire to maintain standard in all our interventions

Partnership and Collaboration
We appreciate the uniqueness of other organizations and believe every joint should supply its resources through partnership and collaboration for sustainable impact.

We are obligated to take responsibility for every resource to efficiently achieve measurable results and give account to our donors and partners.

We embrace change; therefore we are open to innovative and creative ideas to develop sustainable solutions to problems.

We apply a hands-on approach to designing sustainable interventions based on needs assessment of our demography.